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Solar Thermodynamic Central heating System

Using thermodynamics for your central heating makes perfect sense, energy prices will only rise and the need to find a more cost effective solution is greatest now.

As the system heats the water to 55 degrees you may find you require extra heat if you have traditional steel radiators, it works perfectly with underfloor heating and aluminium radiators but to achieve a comfortable living temperature you must make sure that if you have steel radiators fitted you have a superior isolation such as Icynene, we have a network of installers across the UK who can provide you with the ultimate in insulation, its far better to stop the heat from escaping than to generate it in the first place. Please see our
Insulation page for more details.

If you are looking for a heating solution for your new build, barn conversion, extension or any other type of project, please contact us for a survey or to see how we can guide you on what system is best to use.

Low temperature radiators have many benefits over the traditional 70 degree radiators we are currently using. They have a very low water content and excellent heat conducting properties allowing them to heat up extremely fast and distribute the heat more evenly. Radiators running at lower temperatures provide a much more comfortable heat and if your property is insulated correctly they can provide all of your central heating needs for up to 80% cheaper than your current system.

Please see our chart below to see what volume your property is and remember that any heating system can be 50% less effective if you insulation is not up to grade.
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The Future Of Heating

solar thermodynamics

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Thermodynamics Solar are suppliers and installers of thermodynamic hot water heating systems. We cover Scotland, England, Wales, Jersey and Guernsey.

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